Stages of Software Development Life Cycle

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Actions taken by a custom software development company in Riyadh. They go through various stages of life cycle to develop a customized application. There is interconnection in each stage. And there has to be proper work in every stage.


“Necessity is the mother of invention.”

Stage 1 : Planning

Realizing the need for automated software is the first step towards planning. The decision to get an application designed also involves cost. Fixing your budget also gives clarity on the necessary features of the website.

Stage 2: Analysis

This is the most important stage of the development life cycle. There is a huge amount of time spent to analyse requirements. Accordingly devise implementation methods and estimate results. As a custom software development company in Riyadh, we do deep analysis of the project.

Stage 3: Design

Before starting development, the prototype gives clarity on the functionalities of the project. Any changes, add on or deletions in the design is workable. Changes in this stage do not affect the overall cost of the project. To design custom software in low cost, it is advised to spend good time analyzing the design.

Stage 4: Implementation

This is the actual stage to take action. The backend code is now developed. Any changes at this stage would incur huge loss of the project. As there would be loads of rework needed. Thus, the more the time spent on analysis and design the better productivity obtained. And so less time incurred in the development phase.

Stage 5: Testing and Integration

After completion of development of the application, testing begins. Multi level testing ensures minimal bugs. Thus improves efficiency. Finally, it is ready to host in the required server. Then the application is ready to use. Any kinds of third party integrations if need be are done. This completes the complete software development phase.

Stage 6: Maintenance

As a custom software development company in Riyadh this is the beginning of a new phase. Only after the application is in use, we get to know the quality of the product. Thus maintenance is the final step of the product life cycle. Any web development company in Riyadh, provides maintenance for all kinds of applications.