Magento Ecommerce Application


Magento is the trending ecommerce open source application. Taking business online has never been so easy earlier. Magento ecommerce applications are currently high in demand.

The inbuilt features make the customizations easy. It is the affordable platform and can be used by any size of business. And so is its renowned scalability. It can be easily created in both web and mobile applications. As a result, there is an increase in the reachability to target an audience..

Enables to upload any number of products. Also create various categories and subcategories to segregate products. Ultimately it enables both the customer and the owner to manage the product easily. Thus makes it easy for the target audience to retain on the website for more time. And so increasing the possibility of get better SEO Ranking



Multiple online payment gateways integrations are possible. Be it net banking, debit and credit card transactions or  sync with mobile wallets, all are very easy to be integrated. This enables customers to opt any means of payment. Thus increases the comfort of the customers. 

With online business, you are no more limited to a particular region. In such a case it needs easy modes of shipping. Thus magento is a boon in such cases. There are multiple plugins of various shipping agencies. You can easily tie up with any of the versalite agencies. Then have their shipping order management API integrated with your system. Finally, this helps the customer to track their order from the same application.

Customer support is the key to success in every business. Integrate your ecommerce application with any kinds of social media sharing platforms. Also chatbots to communicate instantly with customers. Live chat support is another possible solution for getting in touch with your customers. We create amazing magento ecommerce applications. Sharing products via the social media links also helps in internet marketing. 

The most important part of every store is the inventory. Managing in stock and out of stock products is always challenging. With special features like low stock notifications helps the owner to manage products properly. Various upsell and cross sell products play a vital role in creating a good impression with the visitors on site. Not only helps them to revisit but also spread word of mouth.

As a software development company, we wish to create amazing applications that are easily used by the target audience.