Taxi Booking Application-A complete UBER clone with User, Driver & Back end CMS with Native iOS coding

This app is a complete clone of UBER and a full fledgeTAXI Booking script built with state-of – the-art technology, and we are openly questioning “that this is the WORLDS BEST TAXI SCRIPT as of date.

In this kit you are having your own white-labeled Uber App Clone delivered in the language & currency of your choosing in just 48 hours. This package includes Source Code & Free Installation of Android Apps, iOS / iPhone Apps(Purchased Seperatly) with Backend CMS & Dispatcher stand.

Core Modules

Voilayou Cabs! Add-on features for better user experience.

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    Google Api Autocomplete Compatibility.

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    Plotting of locations to google map with distance measurement and minutes between routes.

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    Filters to sort reservations based on completed, pending reservation etc. Available on both Driver and User App.

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    Enable Auto refresh when drivers approve driver arrival work, start the journey, complete / drop off the journey, etc.

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    Cancel the user work option until the driver does not start the trip and the driver option to cancel the job at any time.

  • Upon completing Ride, user can rate driver, Even driver can also rate user.

Benefits to the School

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