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Retail software Soluiton

With the ever increase business complexities and rapid market changes, there is increase urgency for all companies to leverage technology solutions while improving focus on your business. Orbitbeam is one such destination, where every client is satisfied and happy by the results they get. We have many valuable years of experience in Software development and distribution. We have delivered numerous solutions in variety of sectors. Orbitbeam has software distributor relationship across the Saudi Arabia. And we are the brand distributor of Zeiox and Marg software’s.

Orbitbeam software development team has developed excellent Retail software which really simplifies life for small to large businesses. Retail management includes controlling all of the business processes and activity that helps customers acquire the desired products, services, and experiences from the retail stores they value. Retail Software is fully integrated solution to help any scale of businesses in executing seamless operations right from conceptualization to order fulfilment. With the superior management capability Retail software streamlines the whole spectrum of activities to foster efficient and enhanced management of retail business.

What can Retail Software do for your business?

Orbit beam Retail software is a modern, cost-effective and proven enterprise solution designed specifically to address the needs of the retailers and small to large multi-store retail chains. Retail management system enables retailers to configure the application as per the customer needs. This Retail System provides real-time insights into customer behaviour, sales, inventory and financials.

Retail Software Features:

Orbitbeam Software development team has provided excellent feature; activity dashboard that provides weekly or monthly sales reports. Various reports allow user to track sales and inventory numbers and view sales profits and change over time. The Retail software solution is able to combine purchasing, transferring and multiple vendors into one master order. The Retail software has an ability to modify and add new capabilities into the system as the retailer business grows and expands into new segments.

Our Retail Software solution could be adapted to different operations sizes, layouts and formats. The Retail Software also transfers all customer data, products, and stock data to the new system as part of the implementation process.

Our Retail System application with CRM, reporting, POS, inventory management, time and attendance tracking feature for retail chain. Our Retail System tailor to overcome data fragmentation to exact workflow, branding and business needs, whether they operate as a franchise, corporate store, and outlet or multi subsidiary retailer, anywhere in the world. The Retail system is fully accessible through any device.

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