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Search Engine Marketing : Orbitbeam.net has a unique portfolio of search engine marketing (SEM) services delivering high standard results.

Since the inception of orbitbeam.net in the Global market place we have provided quality services to enable branding and marketing departments of companies to organically increase their market share through visibility and performance. Current orbitbeam is operating truly in a larger global market place recognizing itself as the trusted optimization/optimisation company providing proven organic compliant search engine services.

Globally corporations keep an close eye on key performance indicators to help business ascertain and measure progress towards its goal’s by providing quantifiable measurements of the improvement in performing an activity that is critical to the success of a business.

It has now been well proven strategy that the Internet is going to be the future of marketers as internet provides the Global corporations to small business owners the level playing field for gaining information on key products and services. Any organisation or small business that does not go hand in hand with this growing market will for sure fall behind its competitors to an extent that their business becomes unviable.

Our services are well planned, which can be deployed individually or as part of a comprehensive Internet marketing campaign, designed to provide tangible results while maximising/maximizing online marketing cycle.

Our services include

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) – to bring traffic from search engines through organic placements.
  • Search Engine Compatibility (SEC) – following standard and compatible methods of search engines.
  • Search Engine Submission? – to submit your site to search engines to index and increase presence.
  • Search Engine Ranking – Rank top 10 searches of search engines.
  • SEO Consultation – free report and analysis about your site, help plan your next steps.
  • Search engine friendly content management – for dynamic, database-driven web sites.

Search engine marketing

Pay per click (PPC) – to strategically attract the visitors you want using terms that work. Online advertising – to reach target markets, promote brands and make sales. PPC campaign management – for a strategic approach to pay per click, from planning to reporting. Internet marketing consultancy. Internet marketing strategy – to get your campaign off to the best possible start. Internet marketing research – for new insights into your online positioning, performance and potential. Internet marketing consultancy – for when you have the team, but you need some help developing your strategy and defining an effective action plan. Visitor Science.

Web analytics – for a wealth of visitor tracking data, all the way to ROI. Contact orbitbeam.net today for further information on Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Solutions.

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